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Renovation - construction

Renovation – centrally organized, fast and systematized

Those who wished to buy an apartment in a residential block that was built at the beginning of the 1990s faced serious uncertainty. During the construction which sometimes lasted for years the question arose: will it be ready by the planned deadline? Will the quality of the finished apartments meet the expectations? Will there be many mistakes, defaults in the construction? Will the price be the same as promised? Will the payment schedule be the same?

Renovation service of DirektMester

The market has developed a great deal since then. In the past few years thanks to the gracius activity of several investors in Hungary it has become obvious that the apartments will live up to the expectations, and the price included in the contract will not be higher either.

However, there is still much doubt in connection with renovation, because (as opposed to building constructions) there is no uniform structure, an easily and quickly understandable, dynamic system in the background. The population of Hungary is still dominantly characterized by the practice that the professionals are approached one by one by the owners of the renovable apartments, often based on recommendations, names and phone numbers received from friends.

The reason why the renovation service of DirektMester is unique because is that everything is centrally solved, fast and in an organized way thanks to the centrally registered professionals, the efficient IT background and good level of organization. There are no more extra costs, there is no more time spent unnecessarily.

The work process alwaysbegins with a precise visit to the spot, during which our professionals assess the extent of the work and they develop a detailed quotation and a schedule accordingly, which contains all relevant information from material cost to work fees. If any permission by authority or any other type of document is necessary – e.g. in case of modernization of heating, or replacement of windows on the façade – our colleagues acquire these things so the client does not have to spend time with it. Payment is always according to schedule based on accounting ex-post so full predictability is ensured and there is no need to worry that the professional in charge will never return after receiving the advance payment. We undertake guarantee time for the work completed also in case of renovation, the deadlines are short, so the time is reasonable. If necessy, a construction engineering supervisor may be present, and our contact person is at disposal continuously, s/he shall find the best solution should any problem occur. The reconstruction service therefore involves professional assessment and creative consultancy besides construction, as well as professional help until chosing and buying the material.

Builder work

DirektMester provides overall services in building construction work. Starting from carpenter work all through rendering and dry construction work we are at your disposal. Let it be insulation, plasterboard walls, suspended ceiling or the construction of slabs, stairs, we are at your disposal fast, effective and with great expertise.

The finishing work like cold and warm casing, wallpainting, we apply the material chosen by the client according to the shown material and colour samples.

Building engineering

The clients of DirektMester can rely on our skilled colleagues who have a great experience in connection with building engineering work. We make, regulate, operate and maintain the water, sewage, gas network, central heating system, airing and air conditioning equipment. Would you like to detach from the common heating system? Would you like to replace your heater or would you simply like to modernize your heating system? DirektMester gives you a hand.

We design and measure all necessary issues, and we conduct the procurement process of required authority permissions.

Building electricity

We give you a hand with renovation of residential blocks, private houses and offices. You can relax, DirektMester will maintain the electric systems, and will prepare the fire and lightning protection inspections.

Please, consult our colleagues to get a detailed quotation.


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